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Google Maps Downloader 8.870
Released at Jun 4, 2024

Google Maps Downloader is a tool that can automatically download the Google Maps images to your PC.

It can download the small tiles and save them to your hard disk, including the normal maps, satellite maps, hybrid maps, terrain maps, customized stylers maps, etc .

After downloading, you can view the maps offline by its tool Maps Viewer, or you can combine the small images into one big map image. You even can export all tiles to a mbtiles format database. If you want to make a map of your city by yourself, it is very useful for you.

Note: The downloaded images are only for your personal purpose, non-commercial use.

It is very easy to use. Click here to see how to use it.

It is a shareware, for trial version, the max zoom level is 13, so you can't download high resolution images.
It costs you only 59$.

Google Maps Downloader


screenshot of Map Combiner

Map Combiner


Map viewer (view satellite maps)


Map viewer (view street maps)


An example to download customized google maps, with red roads, poi visibility=off.


Export to MBTiles db

as a layer in QGIS

The combined JPG file as a layer in QGIS


More Examples

Cape Town

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