How to download Custom Map Type

Firstly, we select Maps type "Custom Map Type (EPSG3857 and EPSG4326 supported)" , then the button "Custom Parameters" will be enabled. See the screen shot:


Click the button "Custom Parameters", will show a dialog window:

Input all parameters, click button "OK", back to downloader window, start to download.

It supports EPSG3857 and EPSG4326.

There are 4 formats of tile template url: xyz, bbox-meters, bbox-degrees, bing-quadkey.

Please see the examples:

Example 1: xyz-3857-example (get parameters txt file here)


Example 2: bbox-degrees-4326-example (get parameters txt file here)


Example 3: bbox-meters-3857-example (get parameters txt file here)


Example 4: bing-quadkey-3857-example (get parameters txt file here)

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