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Update History

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V10.185 Apr 8, 2024

Fixed some problems of Google Maps for China.

V10.184 Apr 4, 2024

Added 77 new maps type:

HGSS Cartography - Krndija_2023_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2304
HGSS Cartography - MOSOR_HTRS_2021 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2305
HGSS Cartography - OmiskaDinara2020 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2306
HGSS Cartography - KOZJAK_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2307
HGSS Cartography - Lastovo_2020_wm (Croatia)Maps type ID=2308
HGSS Cartography - Vis_2020_wm (Croatia)Maps type ID=2309
HGSS Cartography - Biokovo_sjever_2023_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2310
HGSS Cartography - BracBikeUTM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2311
HGSS Cartography - Kamesnica_2022_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2312
HGSS Cartography - SnjeznicaUTM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2313
HGSS Cartography - SvilajaUTM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2314
HGSS Cartography - KORCULA_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2315
HGSS Cartography - Hvar_2020_wm (Croatia)Maps type ID=2316
HGSS Cartography - DinaraTSUTM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2317
HGSS Cartography - ProminaUTM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2318
HGSS Cartography - LosinjHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2319
HGSS Cartography - RAB_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2320
HGSS Cartography - PaklenicaFIN (Croatia)Maps type ID=2321
HGSS Cartography - CicarijaHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2322
HGSS Cartography - MljetHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2323
HGSS Cartography - UgljanHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2324
HGSS Cartography - PasmanHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2325
HGSS Cartography - DugiOtokHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2326
HGSS Cartography - DINARA_SINJAL_WM_2021 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2327
HGSS Cartography - DubrovnikHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2328
HGSS Cartography - PELJESAC_HTRS_2023 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2329
HGSS Cartography - CrnopacHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2330
HGSS Cartography - KonavleHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2331
HGSS Cartography - TuloveGredeHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2332
HGSS Cartography - Dubrovacko_primorje (Croatia)Maps type ID=2333
HGSS Cartography - NERETVA_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2334
HGSS Cartography - BRAC_HTRS_2023 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2335
HGSS Cartography - SREDNJI_VELEBIT_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2336
HGSS Cartography - VRGORSKO_GORJE_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2337
HGSS Cartography - RISNJAK_HTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2338
HGSS Cartography - SjeverniVelebit_2020_wm (Croatia)Maps type ID=2339
HGSS Cartography - PAG_WM_HTRS_2021 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2340
HGSS Cartography - Ucka_WM_HTRS_2021 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2341
HGSS Cartography - Imotski_2022_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2342
HGSS Cartography - Krka_2022_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2343
HGSS Cartography - Juzni_Velebit_WM_2023_v2 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2344
HGSS Cartography - Medvednica_WM_2021 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2345
HGSS Cartography - ZapadnoZagorjeUTM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2346
HGSS Cartography - BilogoraHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2347
HGSS Cartography - Klek_2022_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2348
HGSS Cartography - Karlovac (Croatia)Maps type ID=2349
HGSS Cartography - DiljGoraHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2350
HGSS Cartography - SlunjHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2351
HGSS Cartography - IvanscicaHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2352
HGSS Cartography - PsunjHTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2353
HGSS Cartography - VELIKA_KAPELA_HTRS_2018 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2354
HGSS Cartography - POZESKA_GORA_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2355
HGSS Cartography - PAPUK_HTRS_2018 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2356
HGSS Cartography - SAMOBORSKO_GORJE_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2357
HGSS Cartography - PLITVICKA_JEZERA_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2358
HGSS Cartography - RAVNA_GORA_HTRS_2019 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2359
HGSS Cartography - Moslavacka_gora_2022_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2360
HGSS Cartography - ZUMBERACKO_GORJE_HTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2361
HGSS Cartography - BABJA_GORA_HTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2362
HGSS Cartography - VUKOMERICKE_GORICE_HTRS (Croatia)Maps type ID=2363
HGSS Cartography - ZivogosceUTMz (Croatia)Maps type ID=2364
HGSS Cartography - LONJSKO_POLJE_2021_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2365
HGSS Cartography - HRASTOVICKA_GORA_WM_2021 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2366
HGSS Cartography - Zapresicki_kraj_2022_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2367
HGSS Cartography - Kalnik_2022_WM (Croatia)Maps type ID=2368
HGSS Cartography - Zrinska_Gora_WM_2022 (Croatia)Maps type ID=2369
HGSS Cartography - PostiraUTMz (Croatia)Maps type ID=2370
HGSS Cartography - PodstranaUTMz (Croatia)Maps type ID=2371
HGSS Cartography - OmiskaDinaraGKz (Croatia)Maps type ID=2372
HGSS Cartography - MakarskaUTMz (Croatia)Maps type ID=2373
HGSS Cartography - LastovoUTMz (Croatia)Maps type ID=2374
HGSS Cartography - CiovoUTMz (Croatia)Maps type ID=2375
HGSS Cartography - BrelaUTMz (Croatia)Maps type ID=2376
HGSS Cartography - Bilogora_Pitomaca (Croatia)Maps type ID=2377
World Imagery Wayback 2024-02-08 WB_2024_R01Maps type ID=2378
World Imagery Wayback 2024-03-07 WB_2024_R02Maps type ID=2379
World Imagery Wayback 2024-03-28 WB_2024_R03Maps type ID=2380
V10.183 Mar 29, 2024

Fixed some problems of Google Maps for China.

V10.182 Mar 27, 2024

Increased the max zoom level of Yandex Maps.

V10.181 Mar 22, 2024

Fixed some maps types.

V10.180 Mar 3, 2024

Added 11 new maps type:

City of Cape Town - Aerial Imagery 2023Maps type ID=2293
City of Cape Town - Aerial Imagery 2021Maps type ID=2294
City of Cape Town - Aerial Imagery 2018Maps type ID=2295
City of Cape Town - Aerial Imagery 2017Maps type ID=2296
City of Cape Town - Aerial Imagery 2015Maps type ID=2297
City of Cape Town - Aerial Imagery 2013Maps type ID=2298
City of Cape Town - Aerial NGIMaps type ID=2299
Www.ign.gob.ar - cartas_50kMaps type ID=2300
Www.ign.gob.ar - cartas_100kMaps type ID=2301
Www.ign.gob.ar - cartas_250kMaps type ID=2302
Www.ign.gob.ar - cartas_500kMaps type ID=2303
V10.179 Mar 1, 2024

Some performance improvements.

V10.178 Feb 26, 2024

Fixed some maps types and removed some maps types.

V10.177 Feb 22, 2024

Some performance improvements.

V10.176 Feb 15, 2024

Added 16 new maps type:

Norwegian Polar Institute - Svalbard TopographyMaps type ID=2277
Norwegian Polar Institute - Svalbard OrthophotoMaps type ID=2278
Norwegian Polar Institute - Svalbard Satellite ImageryMaps type ID=2279
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2019 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2280
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2018 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2281
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2020 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2282
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2021 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2283
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2015 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2284
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2016 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2285
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW most recent aerial imageryMaps type ID=2286
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2009-2010 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2287
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW 2012-2013 aerial imageryMaps type ID=2288
Vlaanderen.be - Preliminary aerial imagery (Belgium)Maps type ID=2289
Vlaanderen.be - Wegenregister (Belgium)Maps type ID=2290
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW PICC numerical imageryMaps type ID=2291
Geoportail.wallonie.be - SPW shaded reliefMaps type ID=2292
V10.175 Feb 8, 2024

Added 4 new maps type:

Sedecatastro.gob.es - Ortho (Spain)Maps type ID=2273
Sedecatastro.gob.es - Topo (Spain)Maps type ID=2274
World Imagery Wayback 2023-12-07 WB_2023_R11Maps type ID=2275
World Imagery Wayback 2024-01-18 WB_2024_R00Maps type ID=2276

Updated Map Combiner: fixed some problems. Removed ECW and HDF4 support.

V10.174 Jan 25, 2024

Removed and fixed some maps types.

V10.173 Jan 13, 2024

Added 91 new maps type:

cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - modis satellite (Japan)Maps type ID=2182
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - landsat (Japan)Maps type ID=2183
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - hillshademap (Japan)Maps type ID=2184
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - earthdegital (Japan)Maps type ID=2185
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - slopemap (Japan)Maps type ID=2186
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - anaglyphmap_color (Japan)Maps type ID=2187
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - anaglyphmap_gray (Japan)Maps type ID=2188
cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp - sekishoku (Japan)Maps type ID=2189
Thunderforest atlasMaps type ID=2190
Strava Global Heatmap ride hotMaps type ID=2191
Strava Global Heatmap run hotMaps type ID=2192
Strava Global Heatmap water hotMaps type ID=2193
Strava Global Heatmap winter hotMaps type ID=2194
Wikimedia Maps DeutschMaps type ID=2195
Wikimedia Maps FrancaisMaps type ID=2196
Wikimedia Maps EnglishMaps type ID=2197
Wikimedia Maps NederlandsMaps type ID=2198
OpenStreetMap FreieTonne.deMaps type ID=2199
OpenStreetMap FreieTonne.de SeekarteMaps type ID=2200
OpenStreetMap OpenTopoMap DevMaps type ID=2201
OpenStreetMap Osmapa.plMaps type ID=2202
OpenStreetMap Webmapp.itMaps type ID=2203
Israel hiking map - hiking tiles EnglishMaps type ID=2204
Israel hiking map - mtbTiles EnglishMaps type ID=2205
Israel hiking map - hiking tiles HebrewMaps type ID=2206
Israel hiking map - mtbTiles HebrewMaps type ID=2207
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_altoadige_wgsMaps type ID=2208
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_abruzzo_wgsMaps type ID=2209
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_basilicata_wgsMaps type ID=2210
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_calabria_wgsMaps type ID=2211
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_campania_wgsMaps type ID=2212
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_emiliar_wgsMaps type ID=2213
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_friuli_wgsMaps type ID=2214
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_lazio_wgsMaps type ID=2215
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_liguria_wgsMaps type ID=2216
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_lombardia_wgsMaps type ID=2217
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_marche_wgsMaps type ID=2218
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_molise_wgsMaps type ID=2219
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_piemonte_wgsMaps type ID=2220
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_puglia_wgsMaps type ID=2221
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_sardegna_wgsMaps type ID=2222
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_sicilia_wgsMaps type ID=2223
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_toscana_wgsMaps type ID=2224
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_umbria_wgsMaps type ID=2225
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_vaosta_wgsMaps type ID=2226
Isprambiente.it - igm25k_veneto_wgsMaps type ID=2227
epsg.io map - Satellite 512pxMaps type ID=2228
epsg.io map - Street 512pxMaps type ID=2229
Carte-Geoportail IGN OrthophotoMaps type ID=2230
Carte-Geoportail IGN Parcellaire ExpressMaps type ID=2231
Geogratis.gc.ca - WMS-ToporamaMaps type ID=2232
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2023Maps type ID=2233
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2021Maps type ID=2234
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2019Maps type ID=2235
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2017Maps type ID=2236
Terinfo.ujbuda.hu - orthophoto 2015Maps type ID=2237
OpenStreetMap.hu turistautakMaps type ID=2238
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2000Maps type ID=2239
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2005Maps type ID=2240
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2013Maps type ID=2241
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2015Maps type ID=2242
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2018Maps type ID=2243
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - orthophoto 2021Maps type ID=2244
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - openstreetmapMaps type ID=2245
Terkep.torokbalint.hu - SZT2022Maps type ID=2246
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Harta topograficaMaps type ID=2247
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Mozaic ortofotoMaps type ID=2248
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Laki OrtoMaps type ID=2249
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - MNTMaps type ID=2250
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Cadastral data (Georgia)Maps type ID=2251
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Cadastral data on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2252
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Ongoing Field Work Data (Georgia)Maps type ID=2253
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Ongoing Field Work Data on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2254
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Areas of Tbilisi SLR Project (Georgia)Maps type ID=2255
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Areas of Tbilisi SLR Project on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2256
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Protected area (Georgia)Maps type ID=2257
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Protected area on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2258
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Recreational area (Georgia)Maps type ID=2259
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Recreational area on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2260
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Address data (Georgia)Maps type ID=2261
Napr Maps - Cadastre - Address data on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2262
Napr Maps - Transport - Roadway (Georgia)Maps type ID=2263
Napr Maps - Transport - Roadway on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2264
Napr Maps - Transport - Railway (Georgia)Maps type ID=2265
Napr Maps - Transport - Railway on ortho (Georgia)Maps type ID=2266
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2005Maps type ID=2267
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2009Maps type ID=2268
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2010Maps type ID=2269
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2012Maps type ID=2270
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2016Maps type ID=2271
Geoportal.ancpi.ro - Ortofoto 2019Maps type ID=2272
V10.172 Jan 1, 2024

Added 20 new maps type:

OpenStreetMap.CH swiss styleMaps type ID=2162
OpenStreetMap.Fr open river boat mapMaps type ID=2163
BBBike Map Compare - Berlin Aerial 2022Maps type ID=2164
BBBike Map Compare - Berlin Aerial 2023Maps type ID=2165
BBBike Map Compare - Geofabric Basic Pastels (OSM)Maps type ID=2166
BBBike Map Compare - Geofabric Basic Greys (OSM)Maps type ID=2167
BBBike Map Compare - Geofabric Basic Color (OSM)Maps type ID=2168
Here normal.day.trafficMaps type ID=2169
BBBike Map Compare - Berlin Hausnummern Retina 512pxMaps type ID=2170
BBBike Map Compare - Optitool Truck (OSM)Maps type ID=2171
BBBike Map Compare - PharusMaps type ID=2172
BBBike Map Compare - S-Bahn Berlin (OSM)Maps type ID=2173
BBBike Map Compare - Sigma Topo (OSM)Maps type ID=2174
BBBike Map Compare - Sigma Cycle (OSM)Maps type ID=2175
Map of Serbia - Basic LatinMaps type ID=2176
Map of Serbia - Basic CyrillicMaps type ID=2177
Map of Serbia - Topo LatinMaps type ID=2178
Map of Serbia - Topo CyrillicMaps type ID=2179
Map of Serbia - Basic Latin HD 512pxMaps type ID=2180
Map of Serbia - Basic Cyrillic HD 512pxMaps type ID=2181


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